Virtual Trials

You’re working on innovative therapies that have the potential to cure diseases and improve outcomes. However, in order to gain the actionable insight, you need access to more data, from various sources, generated by the patient’s themselves.

These are the benefits of a Virtual trial – the ability to securely engage more patients, capture real-time results, track adherence, and incorporate more data sources.

The Connected Health Cloud enables virtual trials. Our open APIs, custom logic, and cloud-based infrastructure allows clinicians to design their trial and easily incorporate multiple data sources.

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Data Integrations

By taking advantage of CloudMine’s data-agnostic design and integration partners, you can access data from IoT devices, EHR systems or wearables for a 360-degree view of your clinical trial.

EHR Integrations. Sync data to and from popular EHR systems using both direct and middleware connectors.

Wearable Connect. Bring in data from wearables and other IoT devices to improve data quality and paint a more accurate picture of your users.

Best-of-breed partners. Have other data from business, clinical, or operational systems you’d like to integrate? Leverage our custom API or business partners to do so.

Industry-leading PaaS

Get the basics right by developing your application on a HIPAA compliant PaaS.

Microservices. Let your development team spend their time solving your application’s unique problems. Our microservices make it easy to integrate common features, such as push notifications, user management, and authentication, into your app.

Secure data storage. We take data security very seriously. That’s why anything built on our platform is automatically HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, and HITRUST compliant.

Pre-built SDKs. Speed up the development process with SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript, and more.

Secure Data Store

Data stored on CloudMine is encrypted both at rest and in transit, severely limiting chances of a breach. The data is also logically separated into user and app level buckets to keep PII separate from standard application data.

HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, HITRUST and SOC2 Compliant. Secure your data according to all necessary regulatory standards.

JSON document store. NoSQL data representation allows for flexibility and accessibility during application development.

User & App-level data stores. Securely segment your data by user and app.


Scale your technology infrastructure to match your growing medication adherence application.

Managed DevOps. Autoscaling infrastructure and 24 x 7 x 365 coverage means that your system can take whatever your business throws at it.

ElasticSearch. Query your data quickly no matter how large it gets.

Pricing based on usage. Every application starts somewhere. Our pricing model ensures that you only pay for what you actually use. So go ahead and start small – we’ll grow with you.

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