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Creating an mHealth application doesn’t have to be hard.

Building a mobile application for healthcare requires a higher level of planning, preparation, and support than for other sectors. In addition to accounting for the clear security and compliance requirements inherent in handling such sensitive data, there remain many other nuances that can quickly sink any healthcare initiative. There are a large number of healthcare technologies, all which leverage differing communications protocols and are at varying stages of development. Additionally, each health organization follows its own set of standards, protocols and policies.

Leveraging a platform like CloudMine that has expertise in supporting application development specifically for mHealth will not only offset the risks of non compliance, but will also decrease your time to market.

Proprietary SDKs

Quickly assemble mobile apps with business-friendly tools, or jump start your project with SDK’s for: iOS, Android, C#, Xamarin, & HTML5. Use Apple SDKs like ResearchKit and CareKit to launch your project faster.

Secure Push and SMS text notifications

Easily send secure notifications with this Microservice.

Set timers or triggers for notifications to trigger activity within your application, such as participant adherence in a medication adherence solution.

End to End HIPAA Compliance

Data stored on CloudMine is encrypted both at rest and in transit, severely limiting chances of a breach. The data is also logically separated into user and app level buckets to keep PII separate from standard application data.

Add Custom Logic

The CloudMine platform allows custom code to be executed on our backend.

You can easily create custom logic for your clinical trials; automate PII scrubbing, timed or event driven notifications; identify participation and data collection patterns; set data thresholds and alerts for potential dangers to participants.

Integration Engine

Have a more accurate view of users by integrating data from other health systems.

EHR Integrations. Sync data to and from popular EHR systems using both direct and middleware connectors.

Wearable Connect. Bring in data from wearables and other IoT devices to improve data quality and paint a more accurate picture of your users.

Custom APIs and best-of breed partners. Have other data from business, clinical, or operational systems you’d like to integrate? Leverage our custom API or business partners to do so.

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