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Data privacy rules and regulations have created massive barriers to entry into the healthtech and medtech spaces over the past few decades. Unless you had an enormous budget, creating an application that could be used in a medical setting was next to impossible.

CloudMine breaks these barriers by offering an application development platform that covers compliance concerns from the moment customers start developing. Rather than spending millions on a secure, compliant backend system, companies using CloudMine can focus on making an application that their end-users will actually use.

Snapshot Backups

Rest assured that your data is safe. Even the event of catastrophic system failure, your data will continue to live, backed up in a virtual lockbox

CloudMine takes recurring snapshots of your database to ensure consistency of the data store. This is all done in line with popular compliance regulations.

End-to-End Encryption

CloudMine is built to ensure the highest levels of data encryption across your entire system. Data is encrypted at every point, both in motion and at rest, and encryption keys are rotated on a recurring basis.

When you’re building on CloudMine, you can be sure that no prying eyes will be viewing your data any time soon.

User Management

CloudMine User Management is one of our core compliance offerings. This feature allows you to immediately store ePHI according to industry standards.

Creating individual users on the CloudMine system allows you to store patient health information (ePHI) in dedicated private data pools that can only be accessed or shared by the user who created it.

Audit Logging

CloudMine logs every call that comes into the system through a proprietary audit logging system, which tracks the call’s time, source IP address, associated credentials, and a record of any object interaction, as well as many other fields of interest.

The audit logging system has multiple benefits: it allows you to pinpoint intrusions in your front-end application, it serves as an additional backup to your app data, and it checks the box on many popular compliance regulations that require strict monitoring of application traffic.

BAA Available

Mitigate risk for your company by inquiring about our BAA.

We cover HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, ISO and SOC2 so you can focus on building out your product and leave compliance worries to us.


How We’ve Helped Companies Like Yours

“As a digital health founder, I’m constantly asked by clients whether the information we collect and store in our application is secure and compliant. By working with Cloudmine and Medical Web Experts, I can rest assured healthcare security experts are taking care of both data storage and development.”

Kevin DePopas, CEO, Sway Health


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