Trial Adherence

When creating new therapies that have the potential to change lives, it’s imperative that your trial runs smoothly, and your data is accurate. However –  tracking adherence and finding data abnormalities can be difficult in current clinical trial environments.

The Connected Health Cloud empowers fully connected clinical trials – enabling clinicians to incorporate real-world data, interact directly with participants and react to data abnormalities in real-time.

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Active Data Analysis

CloudMine’s secure data store combined with our cloud-based infrastructure gives you the ability to analyze and react to trial data. Flag abnormalities as they happen.

Push notifications ensure participants are adhering to medication protocols with reminders

Our open API allows you to pull data into any analytics platform for analysis.

Elastic Search allows you to query your data quickly, regardless of the size of your data set.

Data Integrations

By taking advantage of CloudMine’s data-agnostic design and integration partners, you can access data from IoT devices, EHR systems or wearables for a 360-degree view of your clinical trial.

EHR Integrations. Sync data to and from popular EHR systems using both direct and middleware connectors.

Wearable Connect. Bring in data from wearables and other IoT devices to improve data quality and paint a more accurate picture of your users.

Best-of-breed partners. Have other data from business, clinical, or operational systems you’d like to integrate? Leverage our custom API or business partners to do so.

Participant Knowledge Base

Give your trial participants access to the information they need.

Utilize the Connected Health Cloud secure data storage to gather and store sensitive health information. Anything built on our platform is automatically HIPAA, HITECH, ISO, and HITRUST compliant.

Identity Management allows you to create a personalized experience for users, giving them access to the right information, at the right time.

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