CloudMine and Sway Health

Accelerate Mobility and Compliance

Case Study: Preventative Care and Counseling


Sway health set out to build an application to make tobacco counseling effortless for the user. Sway health needed a databasing solution that was HIPAA compliant, affordable and would help to accelerate development time.


CloudMine is Sway Health’s HIPAA compliant data store. Sway Health is also leveraging CloudMine for the out-of-the-box functionality including user access controls and profile management.



“From day one, our contacts at Cloudmine have been absolutely outstanding at maintaining clear and concise communicating with our team. Folks at Cloudmine are always available to answer questions, loop us into the product roadmap, and now, even syndicate deal-flow.”

Kevin DePopas, CEO, Sway Health


Leveraging CloudMine’s Development Platform Sway Health has been able to speed up development of their product internally and leverage CloudMine’s out-of-the-box dev ops and functionality and focus developer’s time instead on additional functionality their clients were looking for.

About the Company

During their third year of medical school at Georgetown University, co-founders Eric DePopas and Jesse Smith recognized a need for a more efficient way to deliver time-consuming preventive counseling. Fellow co-founder, Kevin DePopas, later joined the team to lead product development and guide Sway to market. At Sway Health, we are passionate about driving innovation in digital health and contributing to the future of patient-centered medicine.

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