Connected Health Cloud

CloudMine Shared Responsibility Matrix

CloudMine’s secure HIPAA compliant backend solution enables customers to store healthcare compliant data, integrate with third party disparate data systems, like EHRs and IoT, as well as create mobile, web and IoT applications. Although CloudMine provides access control and user management tools, CloudMine cannot safeguard against all customer code related vulnerability attacks. Customers are ultimately held responsible for security measures related to front-end architecture design and data modeling. Customers developing applications on CloudMine should follow HIPAA security best practices when developing. Although CloudMine provides security of your Connected Health Cloud, the CloudMine customer is ultimately responsible for properly architecting security in your Connected Health Cloud.

Build, Connect, Scale, Secure, Simplify is CloudMine’s compliant development paradigm. CloudMine provides you with microservices, secure data storage and software development kits (SDKs) to build powerful applications. CloudMine’s integration engine enables interoperability into EMRs, IoT, medical devices, as well as custom integrations. CloudMine’s Integration Engine enables users to create a more robust 360 degree patient view. Managed devops, robust search query syntax and CloudMine’s flexible architecture allows for quick and seamless scaling. 

Security is at the forefront of CloudMine’s innovation. HIPAA/HITECH compliance audits and HITRUST as well as ISO27001 certifications help shape the information security landscape CloudMine has architected. CloudMine meets regulatory requirements with encryption in-transit and at-rest, strict access controls, as well as audit logging and threat detection. In addition to Building, Connecting, Scaling and Securing is Simplifying, the final concept of CloudMine’s development paradigm. This final component is in the hands of the customer. It’s up to you to build strong access management, data models, manage customer-side quality assurance as well as enforce strong front-end architecture. CloudMine takes a hands-on approach with our customers to assist with development throughout the life of your project(s). Happy developing on Your Connected Health Cloud.








  • Microservices
  • Push Notifications
  • Developer Tools
  • Customer Business Logic 
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs)

  • Electronic Health Records
  • IoT & Wearables
  • Medical Devices
  • Business Systems
  • Clinical Data
  • Secure Authentication

  • Managed DevOps
  • Data Replication
  • Audit Logging 
  • Autoscaling
  • GlobalSearch
  • Security Patching and Maintenance

  • Encryption at rest, in-transit
  • Key Management 
  • HIPAA, HITRUST, HITECH, ISO27001, SOC2 Compliance
  • Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Monitoring & Threat Detection




High Availability

Data Modeling

Front-end Architecture

Application Access Management

Customer Quality Assurance / Verification / Validation


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