How Qualia Health Built a

Total Health Platform with CloudMine

Case Study: Self Evaluation Platform


Healthcare data is often inoperable. Especially when comparing different pillars in health like physical, mental and social health. People are becoming more and more reliant on Googling results to find out if their normal before they speak to a doctor.


Qualia helps patients understand their physical, mental, and social health through a quick and fun health check up. No doctor’s office required.

Their free check-up will helps patients see  how they’re feeling across twelve key dimensions of health (things like depression, anxiety, pain, and sleep quality). For each dimension, they show the user how their health compares to other people, so that they can see the parts of their health that have room for improvement.

About the Company

Qualia health is the first software platform that can measure anyone’s complete physical, mental and social health from anywhere, at anytime.

They make it easy for individuals to understand their health by showing them how they compare to a general population.



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