Integrate patient data from other healthcare systems to build the most accurate model of your users.

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EHR Integration

Connect data from leading EHR systems

Get a more accurate view of users by syncing data between your application and EHR systems. Choose between direct and middleware connectors to ensure you have the right amount of control over your data.



Wearable Connection

Integration with IoT devices made easy.

Wearables and connected fitness. Integrate data from wearables into your application.

Medical devices. Build an effective patient monitoring application by syncing data to and from medical devices.

Consumer health applications. Improve the accuracy of your consumer health application by effortlessly integrating data from the IoT devices your users care about.

Get The Whole Picture

Your data lives in countless systems. Centralize it.

Business systems. Integrate data from common business systems, such as Salesforce, to ensure you’re seeing the full picture.

Operations software. Don’t forget about the systems that keep your business running. Sync data to and from operations software like Workday.

Clinical data. Include clinical and lab data in your application.

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