CloudMine Introduces Next-Generation Connected Health Cloud Platform, Expands Healthcare and Life Sciences Use Cases

Enterprise Health Cloud platform leader upgrades features and usability to support a diversifying set of disease management and clinical trials applications. The company’s use cases demonstrate the ability to support a significant volume of ePHI data transactions.

Philadelphia (September 24, 2018) CloudMine, a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based health care platform solution provider, has announced the market introduction of the next generation of the company’s award-winning Connected Health Cloud (CHC) platform. The latest version of the Connected Health Cloud incorporates additions to the platform’s interoperability engine and security suite, as well as the introduction of new data visibility and governance features. This platform update is being offered to all new customers and as an upgrade for all existing customers as part of the evolution of CloudMine’s core offering. “The introduction of the new Connected Health Cloud platform and its related capabilities reflects the value of our experience to date in partnering with our enterprise level customers. The new CHC leverages the shared learning we’ve gained as healthcare technologists and as an organization,” stated Steve Wray, CEO of CloudMine. “The design, development and deployment of the new CHC architecture has been a core strategic goal for our team in 2018.” Based on the successful launch of the CHC, the CloudMine team is now primed to continue building new technologies to better support today’s health care development needs: secure, convenient, and robust patient data management, data analysis frameworks, as well as innovating on and supporting intrinsically secure, standards-based protocols and data models.  

The newest version of the Connected Health Cloud platform builds upon a reputation of category leadership, enabling users to more effectively and efficiently accelerate innovation from proof of concept to enterprise capability. “The CloudMine product and engineering teams are excited to introduce this upgraded version of the CHC to the market, as it represents CloudMine’s collective vision into the next wave of connected digital health: 1) easily scalable, 2) connected and interoperable, and 3) inherently secure,” according to Josh Raymond, Senior Director, Product Management for CloudMine. “For our customers leveraging the CHC platform to support disease management and clinical trials-related initiatives, we now offer a more nimble, scalable, cost-effective, and secure platform.”

As noted in Reimagining a Healthcare Platform,The Connected Health Cloud is purpose-built to directly support customers in addressing key challenges confronting the industry, including reducing the overall cost of care, improving associated outcomes, and establishing a more scalable digital infrastructure. As a result, projects powered by CloudMine enter the market with a lower overall cost of ownership given the faster development cycles, while enabling technology teams to focus on innovation and patient care versus under-the-hood maintenance. By leveraging the new Connected Health Cloud, providers, researchers, and payers alike find themselves better-equipped to optimize patient care, while also ensuring that security and cost factors are addressed in tandem.

About CloudMine

CloudMine is the leading HIPAA-compliant Enterprise Health Cloud platform. CloudMine empowers healthcare organizations to rapidly and confidently develop connected digital health experiences by reducing complexity, enabling data mobility, and ensuring compliance. Recognized by industry analysts for their vision, collaboration, and ability to scale, CloudMine is partnering with a diverse portfolio of customers, such as the American Heart Association and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, to successfully address many of the biggest challenges in the digital transformation of healthcare. For patients, providers, clinical investigators and digital innovators, connected healthcare is better healthcare.  For more information, visit, or follow us @cloudmineinc on  Twitter.