How Jefferson Enhances Patient Experience and Research with CloudMine

Case Study: ResearchKit Application


Jefferson needed to quickly build a HIPAA-compliant application using ResearchKit to collect electronic patient outcome data to assess the quality of life before, during and after prostate cancer treatment. The purpose of the application was to engage patients in real-time outside of physician offices to better understand and improve the quality of care during their treatment at Jefferson.

The application was intended to leverage ResearchKit to engage patients and to gather and sync data sets from several endpoints such as mobile devices and backend systems.

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Leveraging CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud and ResearchKit integration, Jefferson was able to build the application in half the expected development time, and collect HIPAA-compliant data immediately.

We now have an innovative template for our physicians and researchers to conduct their studies using mobile technologies. Through the app, we can collect valuable longitudinal data that will enhance our ability to provide the best care for our patients.”

-Neil Gomes Vice President for Technology Innovation & Consumer Experience


In just three months, Jefferson was able to have a fully-functioning, HIPAA-compliant research application ready for use. The resulting application is also now a scalable platform for ongoing development of applications using ResearchKit. Moreover, Jefferson’s developers can now rapidly iterate to improve the feature-set of their applications on CloudMine.

Neil Gomes

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