Integrated Clinical Trials

When creating new therapies that have the potential to change lives, it’s imperative that your trial runs smoothly, and your data is accurate. However –  tracking adherence and finding data abnormalities can be difficult in current clinical trial environments.

The Connected Health Cloud empowers fully connected clinical trials – enabling clinicians to incorporate real-world data, interact directly with participants and react to data abnormalities in real-time.

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Apple ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit has incredible promise for improving the process for launching digital trials. Yet building on this frameworks can be challenging for even the most technical people and risky as there is no built-in compliance.

Using CloudMine’s ResearchKit SDK will expedite the development of your research application by up to 50%, give you out-the-box HIPAA compliance, and allow you to more effectively collect and consume data.

You can also learn on our expertise for developing on the framework.

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Data Integrations

By taking advantage of CloudMine’s data-agnostic design and integration partners, you can access data from IoT devices, EHR systems or wearables for a 360 degree view of your clinical trial.

Gain real-time insight throughout the entire lifecycle of your trial.

End to End HIPAA Compliance

Data stored on CloudMine is encrypted both at rest and in transit, severely limiting chances of a breach. The data is also logically separated into user and app level buckets to keep PII separate from standard application data.

Secure data storage. Any data you store on CloudMine will be secured according to the highest regulatory standards.

PII management. Pre-built access control frameworks and user and app-level security mean that handling PII is a breeze.

Audit logging and threat detection. Know about security threats as soon as they happen.

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Add Custom Logic

The CloudMine platform allows custom code to be executed on our backend.

You can easily create custom logic for your clinical trials; automate PII scrubbing, timed or event driven notifications; identify participation and data collection patterns; set data thresholds and alerts for potential dangers to participants.

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