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As a leader in pharmaceuticals, we don’t need to tell you that innovating in healthcare can be a complex endeavor.  Compliance and security are imperative for any healthcare company, but speed-to-market is also an important consideration for the competitive pharma landscape.  Yet quickly creating a secure, integrated digital solution can be a challenge, especially if you opt to build it in-house. That’s where CloudMine comes in.

When you choose to innovate on CloudMine’s HIPAA compliant PaaS, you get complete data security and compliance, autoscaling app infrastructure, instant connectivity to IoT and smart medical devices, and the ability to quickly launch Apple ResearchKit and CareKit apps. We also enable greater interoperability by integration with leading EHR and clinical systems.

This translates into fewer compliance worries, expedited time-to-market, and a unique advantage over your competitors.

Your Innovation Toolkit

Industry-leading technology to bring your Pharma solution to life

Secure Data Storage

All data is secured according to HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, ISO standards.

HIPAA Compliant PaaS

Platform for data aggregation, scalability and repeatability

Scalable Infrastructure

Autoscaling infrastructure that grows with your business.

EHR Integrations

Sync data to and from leading EHR systems


Apple ResearchKit, CareKit, iOS, Android, Javascript, and more

IoT Integrations

Power remote patient monitoring and distant care solutions with turnkey integrations with wearable & IoT data

Initiatives We Power

Improve Medication Adherence

Our platform allows you to easily build a secure medication adherence application and integrate microservices, like push notifications and authentication, in a fraction of the time. You can then integrate data from other systems, such as wearables, to help bring more meaning to the data you’re already collecting, and even push results to leading EHRs to give physicians insight into adherence.

Concerned about scaling your solution? Don’t be. Our autoscaling infrastructure and DevOps-as-a-Service model means you can rest assured your backend technology will scale with your solution.

Create a Patient Engagement Application

As pharma is evolving to be more patient-centric than ever before, it is becoming increasingly important that companies in the industry focus on developing solutions to improve patient engagement. When you build your application on the CloudMine platform, this application will be fully HIPAA compliant and, thanks to our microservices, SDKs, and scalable infrastructure, will free up your team to build other features.

It also drives the aggregation and presentation of data around patient health, medication history, disease state, and lifestyle, and centralizes the storage of these data points. This allows organizations to establish feedback loops with patients and caregivers to more quickly and efficiently spot trends or opportunities in their care regimen.

Run Better Clinical Trials

With CloudMine, the foundation for your clinical trial application has already been laid. You’ll receive data security, HIPAA compliance, SDKs (including one for Apple ResearchKit), a host of microservices, and a PaaS that enables custom trial logic out-of-the-box.

These services provide the ability to build reusable solutions that helps participants with adherence such as timed or event-driven notifications, data accuracy checks, PII scrubbing, data aggregation or custom business logic.

This translates into improved data collection, participation adherence, and data security.

Liberate Your Data

Enable your organization to be truly data driven by aggregating data from all of your disparate systems into an mHealth platform. With CloudMine, you can create a secure application and aggregate various sources of data – from sources such as EHR systems, IoT devices, internal CRMs, clinical systems, remote monitoring or telehealth application, and research studies – into it.

This setup can power any initiatives across your organization that will benefit from data liberation such as advanced analytics, precision medicine, clinical decision support, patient identification quality and performance improvement, and even patient and provider engagement.

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