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Build secure patient- and provider- facing applications, improve claims workflows, and achieve interoperability with network providers — all while saving time and money.

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Create a Seamless Claims Experience.

With the shift from volume-based care to value-based care already well underway, the importance of a robust, integrated claims systems is becoming increasingly important for payers. Yet creating a secure, integrated solution can be a challenge, especially if you opt to build it in-house. That’s where we come in.

With CloudMine, Payers can easily build HIPAA compliant patient and provider-facing applications, securely aggregate and store data, and create workflows for real-time access to patient and provider data. We also enable greater interoperability with network providers with integrations into leading EHR and other clinical systems.

Your Innovation Toolkit

Industry-leading technology to bring your healthcare solution to life

Secure Data Storage

All data is secured according to HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, ISO standards.

EHR Integrations

Sync data to and from leading EHR systems


Easily add common features, such as push notifications, user management, or OAuth to your application

Data Aggregation

Spend less time scrubbing data with out-of-the-box data normalization

Mobile & Web SDKs

Apple ResearchKit, CareKit, iOS, Android, Javascript, and more

IoT Integrations

Turnkey integrations to gather wearable & IoT data associated with users

Initiatives We Power

Access Real-Time Provider Data

Bypass the 30-day Transition of Care Data Lag and speed up your claims process.  With CloudMine, you will have access to secure, real-time data fields required by case workers. This will greatly speed up the process of obtaining and disbursing reimbursement.

Our solution gives Payers the ability to securely store data, integrate into Provider EHR systems, aggregate and segment PHI, provision secure data to case workers, and design hand-off workflows.

Create Engaging Applications for Patients and Providers

A patient and provider-facing application can create more efficient patient treatment protocols and outcomes for customers and providers. These applications can be synced with Patient Payer records to create an in-network workflow.

When you build your application on the CloudMine platform, this application will be fully HIPAA compliant and, thanks to our microservices, SDKs, and scalable infrastructure, will free up your team to build other features – like providing users with solutions and suggestions based on precision medicine tooling.

Leverage IoT Devices to Improve Outcomes

The ability to integrate disparate health data is one of the biggest challenges in digital health today. Regardless of the type of solution you’d like to develop, it is only as good as the data it contains. When you build your solution with us we make sure you can get all of your data – whether it’s from EHR systems, wearables, clinical systems, or even reported by the patient – into it. All of this translates into the ability to offer better real-time treatment and improve patient outcomes.

With our integrations, you can easily execute projects like providing in-home treatment made available via the Payer website portal.

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