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Enterprise-Level Security and Developer Tools That Grow with Your Business

As a growing digital health startup, we don’t need to tell you that companies like yours can face challenges from the very beginning. Compliance and security are imperative for any digital health company but can be difficult to get right when you’re focused creating the best version of your product on a less-than-ideal budget. Here at CloudMine, we help companies just like yours tackle these issues every day.

When you build your product on CloudMine’s HIPAA compliant PaaS, you get complete data security and compliance, out-of-the box mobile application functionality, autoscaling infrastructure,  industry-leading integrations, and connectivity into emerging technologies such as Apple ResearchKit and CareKit. This translates into fewer compliance worries and expedited time to market.

Your Digital Health Toolkit

Industry-leading technology to bring your healthcare solution to life

System Integrations

Connect to 3rd party systems to integrate data from EHRs, wearables, or other clinical or business systems.

Data Aggregation

Spend less time scrubbing data with out-of-the-box data normalization

Data Export

Export consolidated, normalized data to your analytics solution and gain actionable insights

Mobile & Web SDKs

Apple ResearchKit, CareKit, iOS, Android, Javascript, and more


Autoscaling infrastructure that grows with your business.


Easily add common features, such as push notifications, user management, or OAuth to your application

Initiatives We Power

Utilize Apple’s Research and Carekit

The release of Apple ResearchKit and CareKit has vastly simplified the process for developing research and condition management applications, and has truly set a new standard for development in digital health. Yet building on these frameworks can still be challenging, and there is no compliance built in.

By utilizing CloudMine as the backend for your ResearchKit or CareKit application, you get out-the-box HIPAA compliance, a platform that allows you to integrate business logic, simpler data orchestration and normalization, and the ability to more effectively collect and consume data. And did we mention that partnering with us can help you launch your application up to 50% faster?

Create an IoT Enabled Application

Don’t spend hours writing custom integrations from IoT and wearable devices into your application. We provide direct integrations from applications built on the CloudMine platform to hundreds of IoT devices, as well as other leading clinical and business systems.

What’s more, any data you integrate from disparate sources and store on CloudMine will be fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

Improve Medication Adherence

If your company is looking to develop a solution to one of healthcare’s biggest problems, we can help.

Our PaaS allows you to easily build a secure application and integrate microservices like push notifications and authentication in a fraction of the time. You can then integrate data from other systems, such as wearables, to help bring more meaning to the data you’re already collecting, and even push results to leading EHRs to give physicians insight into adherence. Our autoscaling infrastructure and DevOps-as-a-Service model means you can rest assured your technology will scale with your business.

How We’ve Helped Companies Like Yours

“As a digital health founder, I’m constantly asked by clients whether the information we collect and store in our application is secure and compliant. By working with Cloudmine and Medical Web Experts, I can rest assured healthcare security experts are taking care of both data storage and development.”

Kevin DePopas, CEO, Sway Health


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