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Decrease development time, lower costs, and keep your data secure with our HIPAA Compliant Developer Framework.


Integrate patient data from other healthcare systems to build the most accurate model of your users.


Scale your technology infrastructure to match the needs of your growing business.


Rest assured that your application and any data it stores is secured.

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Secure Data Storage

All data is secured according to HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, ISO standards.

PII Management

Pre-built access control frameworks and user and app-level security mean that handling PII is a breeze.


Easily add common features, such as push notifications, user management, or OAuth to your application

Mobile & Web SDKs

Apple ResearchKit, CareKit, iOS, Android, Javascript, and more

Scalable Infrastructure

Autoscaling infrastructure that grows with your usage

IoT Integrations

Power remote patient monitoring and distant care solutions with turnkey integrations with wearable & IoT data

HIPAA Compliant PaaS

Platform for data aggregation, scalability and repeatability

EHR Integrations

Sync data to and from leading EHR systems

Data Aggregation

Spend less time scrubbing data with out-of-the-box data normalization