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The End-to-End Solution that Brings Your Innovations to Life

In the past, Healthcare was built on a reactive and volume based model. Pharma companies would launch new products and wonder why the results aren’t what they predicted; healthcare systems were built geographically and profited around volume; providers needed to physically see a patient to make a diagnosis. Now, as the industry moves towards a value-based model, innovation is on the forefront of healthcare.

The CoudMine platform gives Innovation teams the tools they need to more quickly build secure, interoperable solutions to solve healthcare’s biggest problems. Our team takes a consultative approach that allows us to fully understand the nuances of your project in order to help drive results.

Your Innovation Toolkit

Industry-leading technology to bring your healthcare solution to life

HIPAA Compliant PaaS

Platform for data aggregation, scalability and repeatability

EHR Integrations

Sync data to and from leading EHR systems

Scalable Infrastructure

Autoscaling infrastructure that grows with your business.

IoT Integrations

Turn key integrations to gather wearable & IoT data associated with use

Add Custom Logic

Orchestration layer to bake in custom business logic around connections, workflows, and functionality

BAA Available

Off-load risk with BAA covering HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and ISO

How We Power Innovation

Strategic Patient Support Programs

Take a strategic,  value- and outcome-based approach to drug success by creating a comprehensive support program. The program should provide support services aside from the drug or product itself including a mobile informational platform, call centers, home delivery services, or condition-specific lifestyle advice.

Building this solution on CloudMine gives you a secure mobile and web infrastructure to build on, industry-leading integrations to promote interoperability, services to help you ideate and build your solution, and a BAA to give you peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

Take a Value-Based Approach to Improving Patient Engagement and Outcomes

Create solutions to aid in the transition to a value-based care approach, such as a patient engagement application. Patient and provider-facing application scan create more efficient patient treatment and outcomes.

When you build your application on the CloudMine platform, this application will be fully HIPAA compliant and, thanks to our microservices, SDKs, and scalable infrastructure, will free up your team to build other features – like providing users with solutions and suggestions based on precision medicine tooling.

How We’ve Helped Companies Like Yours

“We now have an innovative template for our physicians and researchers to conduct their studies using mobile technologies. Through the app, we can collect valuable longitudinal data that will enhance our ability to provide the best care for our patients.”

Neil Gomes

Neil Gomes, Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience


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