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Our HIPAA compliant backend, pre-built SDKs, and DevOps-as-a-Service model allows you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time coding.

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Ship more code, faster.

Long gone are the days where your engineering teams needs to worry about threat monitoring or detection, scaling, or system uptime.

We provide complete DevOps-as-a-service for our clients. This means that when building on CloudMine’s HIPAA compliant PaaS, developers get to focus on doing what they love – writing code.

Your Engineering Toolkit

Industry-leading technology to help engineers build out the basics of a healthcare application

Secure Data Storage

All data is secured according to HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, ISO standards.

Audit Logging and Threat Detection

Know about security threats as soon as they happen.

Mobile & Web SDKs

Apple ResearchKit, CareKit, iOS, Android, Javascript, and more

PII Management

Pre-built access control frameworks and user and app-level security mean that handling PII is a breeze.


Orchestration layer to bake in custom business logic around connections, workflows, and functionality


Easily add common features, such as push notifications, user management, or OAuth to your application

Scalable Infrastructure

Autoscaling infrastructure that grows with your usage

User Management

Establish trackable ownership of sensitive data by creating distinct user profiles.

How We Empower Engineers

Execute Code in the Cloud

Today’s mobile landscape is extremely diverse, and developers are expected to ensure that their applications run seamlessly on the largest number of supported devices possible. Developing robust applications can often be hardware intensive, so it is imperative that engineers be able to offload at least some of that overhead to ensure a favorable user experience. With CloudMine’s Logic Engine, you can do just that.

Logic Engine allows you to execute custom code on our back end, taking the heavy lifting off the mobile device and placing it in our cloud where it can be executed quickly and efficiently. This allows engineering teams to hit production deadlines more easily and with fewer resources.

Build Native or Web

CloudMine was designed with the developer in mind. Whether you’re building on the backend in Java, or the front-end using our native SDKs for Android, iOS, or C# – you are able to build apps in the language and environment that suits your needs. We also support the full stack web developer who wants to build beautiful HTML5/web experiences while powering their apps using node.JS.

This not only expedites development, but also ensures developers love what they do.

Build on a Secure, Compliant Backend

CloudMine allows developers to overcome common obstacles when developing a healthcare application by providing a development platform that covers compliance concerns from the moment customers start developing. Rather than spending millions on a secure, compliant backend system, companies using CloudMine can focus on making an application that their end-users will actually use.

How We’ve Helped Companies Like Yours

“CloudMine has enabled us to move at extraordinary speeds in our product development. Within days of setting up an account and the learning the API, I had an elegant and sophisticated backend that was manipulating complex data necessary for our platform both on our devices and websites. Building a system from scratch would have taken months, and would not have been as feature rich or as easy to use. Without CloudMine, we would be months, if not years, behind our goals and development. Everyday I am thankful we use CloudMine and have their incredible support and partnership.”

Maximilian Maksutovic, Software Development Lead, Biomeme


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“The Cloudmine team is committed to creating tools that enable innovation in healthcare and their platform empowers healthcare organizations to scale enterprise digital initiatives – we’ve enjoyed working with their dedicated team.”

Skylar Roebuck, Chief Digital Officer, Rocket Wagon

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