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Innovative therapies are an essential part of disease management. Trials that are running today have the potential to prevent or even cure chronic conditions – reducing costs and increasing positive outcomes for health systems. However, without the ability to incorporate real-world evidence, establish scalable, repeatable data structures, and understand how patients are engaging with the therapies, commercializing new treatments can be an inefficient and lengthy process.

The  Connected Health Cloud enables clinicians to connect, build and scale their connected trial on the most secure Enterprise Health Cloud on the market.

The Future of Clinical Trials

Integrated Clinical Trials

Enhance your real world data by integrating patient-generated data, EHR systems, and medical device data.

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Trial Adherence

Engage with participants during the trial to ensure protocols are followed and your data is accurate.

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Enhanced Trial Design

Utilize the power of an Enterprise Health Cloud to design trials with interoperability, scalability, and sharable data models.

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Powered by the Connected Health Cloud Tool Kit


Integration Engine

Turn key integrations to gather wearable & IoT data associated with use.

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Developer Tools

Ready to use tools for application development, such as pre-build SDKs.

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Security Suite

CloudMine has all of the necessary certifications to keep you fully compliant.

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The cost of disease management is staggering, causing Health Systems to look for new and innovative approaches to disease management. Advancements in clinical trials will provide additional treatment options, but only if providers have access to available trials, and if clinicians have access to real-world data provided by patients.

The Connected Health Cloud enables seamless integrations for clinical trials, providing the necessary visibility to doctors and additional data sources to clinicians. 

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Expand, integrate, and enhance clinical trials. Today’s clinical research is unlocking value beyond the pill and defining tomorrow’s care delivery models. Utilizing the power of technology platforms in clinical trial design, Life Science organizations can gain better insights, expand the scope of their trials, and commercialize their treatments faster. 

The Connected Health Cloud enables BioPharma organizations to securely incorporate EHR systems and patient-generated data into their results to gain more real-world evidence than ever before. 

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Digital Health

Transforming Healthcare. Digital Health organizations are on the forefront of Healthcare’s digital transformation. As the companies that are building platforms that will empower the Healthcare industry, it is essential that applications can integrate and scale seamlessly, and most importantly, are built on a HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

The Connected Health Cloud empowers Digital Health Organizations to get to market faster, at a lower cost on the most secure Enterprise Health Cloud on the market. 

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Security is at our core

As the most trusted enterprise health cloud, security is our main priority. The Connected Health Cloud allows digital health pioneers to build their healthcare application, connect it to disparate data systems, and scale it to meet their needs, while knowing their data is secure and HIPAA compliant.

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