CloudMine and Barnes & Noble College

Accelerate Mobility

Case Study: Mobile Data Integration


Barnes & Noble College did not have a mobile platform with which to build a relationship between college students and their stores. There are multiple pain points throughout the textbook acquisition process including wait times, lack of accurate or enough information as well as communication breakdown between the stores and students. Barnes & Noble College’s agency, Fueled, was challenged to complete the project in under two months, so there would be enough time to market the application ahead of the Fall semester.


CloudMine’s Mobile Gateway acts as the intermediary between all marketing and rental transaction data stores, and provides key mobile-optimized features for each individual school and eliminate all ongoing maintenance and operational support. With most of the backend requirements (scalability, security, web services, database structure, etc) provided out-of-the-box by CloudMine, the only work necessary during the course of the development cycle was a small amount of data mapping and front-end design / development.



“CloudMine is a true partner. From day one, they have been extremely responsive to our needs, incredibly helpful in development and have truly collaborated with us to innovate some amazing things. They are experts in their space and we are fortunate to consider them a part of our team”

Tamara Vostok | Director, Consumer Marketing, Barnes & Noble College


Leveraging CloudMine’s Mobile Gateway, Fueled and Barnes & Noble College were able to complete the entire application in about one month, compared with original forecast of eight months without CloudMine.

About the Company

Barnes & Noble College’s mission is to create campus stores that are focal points for college life and learning, enhancing the educational mission of the school, enlivening campus culture and delivering a strong and consistent revenue stream to our partner schools.
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