Connected Health Cloud

Getting Started Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide working knowledge of the following topics:

• Creating applications in the CloudMine Connected Health Cloud

• Creating, updating, and fetching data via the CloudMine REST API

• Building and running JavaScript and Logic Engine snippets

• Additional documentation and engineering resources

This guide is written under the assumption of the following prerequisites:

• A CloudMine Connected Health Cloud organization has been created

• The reader of this guide has a fundamental understanding of REST APIs

• The reader of this guide has a fundamental understanding of JSON and JavaScript

• A REST client for making API calls against your applications; see note below

*CloudMine recommends Postman, available for free as a Chrome extension. For more information, see

CloudMine is a platform comprised of a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), SDKs (Software Development Kits), and third-party integration services that developers can use to enhance web and mobile apps with pre-made, backend services such as identity management, data storage and push notifications. These services are accessed via REST APIs and client-side SDKs. The CloudMine backend is extendable with Java and JavaScript, and can integrate where necessary with existing relational databases and other enterprise applications.




Table of Contents

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