Connected Health Cloud

Getting Started Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide working knowledge of the following topics:

• Creating applications in the CloudMine Connected Health Cloud

• Creating, updating, and fetching data via the CloudMine REST API

• Building and running JavaScript and Logic Engine snippets

• Additional documentation and engineering resources

This guide is written under the assumption of the following prerequisites:

• A CloudMine Connected Health Cloud organization has been created

• The reader of this guide has a fundamental understanding of REST APIs

• The reader of this guide has a fundamental understanding of JSON and JavaScript

• A REST client for making API calls against your applications; see note below

*CloudMine recommends Postman, available for free as a Chrome extension. For more information, see

CloudMine is a platform comprised of a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), SDKs (Software Development Kits), and third-party integration services that developers can use to enhance web and mobile apps with pre-made, backend services such as identity management, data storage and push notifications. These services are accessed via REST APIs and client-side SDKs. The CloudMine backend is extendable with Java and JavaScript, and can integrate where necessary with existing relational databases and other enterprise applications.




Table of Contents

Connected Health Cloud™

In addition to the walkthrough guide, below are links to a comprehensive outline of the Connected Health Cloud dashboard with guidance on Organization, Application, Integrations, and Hosted Site Management. Below you will also find links to our REST API documentation and our Customer Success Team's standard support guidelines.